The ClockWork Team :

Many years of experience of members and team leaders of the special task forces Berlin security

Advisor of reputable financial institutions and business enterprises various security operations worldwide
Consultants of various magazines and TV series ( including " GSG 9")
Shooting instructors for different security companies
Armed personal protection and transports of valuables and cash with increased risk
Security Adviser / Danish Embassy in Jordan
Security Adviser / World Bank
Driver training for employees of the Kenyan embassy and German embassies Niamey/Niger, Bamako/Mali
Chief Instructor High Rescue SFO Qatar
Security Advisor of a major German gas station group
Personal safety trainer for employees of the Berlin Subway and City-Railway
Personal safety trainer for employees of various job centers and employment agencies


Security checks and security consulting in the club facilities based in Turkey

for the leading tour operator of Germany 
Advisor for Schools / Violence Prevention
Trainer in the field of self protection and conflict management

Lecturers and examiners activities for the chamber of Commerce Potsdam / Cottbus
In this capacity auditor activities and implementation of preparatory courses :

Information procedures in the security industry
for employees and entrepreneur in accordance
with § 34a Trade Regulation/German Law
IHK proficiency examination in security services
Certified protective and safety specialist
Certified service and safety specialist

Uwe Müller-Sachs im N24 interview on the occasion of the visit of Barack Obama in Berlin

Project consultation and advice on film set for TV series "GSG9"


"Weeks before filming began, the actors were given special training, supervised by former SEK- Members. The main characters have to learn within a few days to move as an elite unit. What looks easy - professional sneaking, jumping and access - for the performers it’s the result of several days of intense exercise. Under the critical eyes of true elite men solve the actors their task with flying colors. Uwe Müller- Sachs, himself a former SEK, man has the difficult task to weld the Actors in the shortest time to a special unit.
The next exercise: Instructor Uwe Müller- Sachs holed himself up in the terrain, the actors should track him down and arrest him. Feel, think, act as a GSG 9 unit. Although there are only three days special training, but for the actors, these days are like diving into a different reality . They should forget that everything is just a game. The pressure is enormous, and finally, on the screen, everything has to look as real as possible. If the GSG 9 is requested, it is always about life and death.
The ultimate goal is not to escalate a situation if possible and to save lives."